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I just returned from a two week teaching and ministering trip to Poland and Ukraine.  I went with a team of 4 marketplace leaders, ministers and teachers who are good friends of mine from the US and Denmark.  John Garfield was our designated leader with the teaching theme of “Releasing Kings”, which is also the title of his very excellent book.

John uses biblical scripture to encourage and evoke your hearts desire for life to become a reality for you.  A most amazing transition takes place in the hearts, minds and faces of believers when they realize they have God’s blessings to seek their hearts desire and that all things are possible with God. But the miracle making ingredient to the formula is to love people.  John proved that when he taught by loving the people every chance he got.  Most important however was that he really meant it.  People sensed it and reacted positively.

Combining your Divine call, your hearts desire and your ministry gifting all into one Godly, supernatural package empowers one to accomplish feats that here to for never even entered their minds.  I speak not of a New Age inner self realization of hidden energies and karma but of a Holy Spirit filled weapon of righteousness and love capable of doing all things in Christ Jesus.

The conference objective as well as the ultimate purpose for “Releasing Kings”, is to Have Fun.  Make Money.  Love People!  That’s exactly what we did,  except make money this time.  We did however encourage the attendees to use their dreams, gifts and calling to accomplish those three objectives while teaching them the fundamentals of doing business by biblical Kingdom principles in their families, the Marketplace, and in their churches.

The response after a few days of teaching and praying for people resulted in nearly 40 new salvations and numerous people deciding for the first times in their lives to pursue their business dreams.  We taught on attitude, business planning, sales, marketing, employee employer relations and finances required to start and run a successful business.

As usual while ministering to these success hungry saints, many signs and wonders of healing and deliverance followed those who believed just as the Mark wrote in his Gospel chapter 16, verses 15-18.  I can testify that I even prayed a serious sinus infection attack off myself by confessing and believing that scripture while on my way back on a 13 hour plane ride to the USA.

I come back and recollect and marvel at the faith and willingness those people have to believe for a better life in Jesus.  They have the faith to trust and try as the men of God teach and preach and great things are a result.  Not because of the men of God for sure, but for the humility, honor and obedience they offer the teacher as God’s prophet and therefore they receive a prophets reward.

We anxiously look forward to our return to those lands and see once more what God has in store for those who love Him for “eye has not seen, ear has not heard nor heart know the things which God has prepared for those that love Him.

For more information on Releasing Kings go to http://www.releasing-kings.com and for pictures of our trip go to my Facebook Rich Forster.


Blessings……..Rich Forster    Publisher  KBJ