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I had a pastor who was a great evangelist, and was very good at getting folks saved. He trained the rest of the body to deciple the flock by Indifying peoples gifts and talents.   The next step was to  equip them to use those gifts and talents.  Then the final step was to releas them to use their gifts for the Kingdom. It is a very simple concept, but very effective.

Now, in business, it is a different story. There are many folks out there doing work that they either are not equiped for or have absolutely no interest in.

How are you at dicipling your employees?

Have you taken the time to Identify there gifts and talents?

Have you created an atmosphere to equip your employees to use there gifts and talents?

Have you released your employees to do what they are gifted and talented at?

I once heard of a business man who did this. He took each one of his employees and had them take a test that identified there gifts and talents. He then interviewed them and discussed the results. He ended up reorganizing the whole company and almost everyone took on new responsibilties. They now function at peak performance because people are using there gifts and talents and LOVE their work.

Just a thought!