It was that time of year again for the annual NFL Football Super Bowl last night and as happens to me each year watching the game, a number of performance principles needed to not just be victorious but to even compete at this professional level came to me to share with you today.

The parallel comparisons of professional sports to business are such a clear example of the value of pursuing excellence to be successful.  There are many examples I could share that have mutual application to sports and business but today I would like to submit a basic list of 10 characteristic for peak performers for you just to consider this week and see how you rate yourself as a peak performer in your profession and workplace.

Peak Performer;

1.Accepts full responsibility

2.Not paralyzed by failure

3.Has clear and lofty goals

4.Has high level of self-esteem

5.Does the little things that count

6.Looks for solutions; not blame

7.Life long learners


9.Let’s go of the past

10.Lives a balanced life

A challenging list it is to say the least but not impossible.  If it were easy, anyone could do it. That is why the number of successful, professional athletes is relatively few.  The question is, could there be more athletes at that level?  Much of their success lies within their heart.  That desire to be the best you can possibly be is daunting to many of us and the fear of failure looms ever present in our carnal minds. Every day is a challenge and sometimes it is just too much work.

May I suggest you self analyze where you rate yourself with this list above and if you come to one principle that you acknowledge you are weak in, research how you can learn more about being successful in that area of your life.  If you feel you are doing pretty well in another, rejoice and take heart. You will find that enlightenment and improvement in these areas of life and work will not only positively affect your business life but will help you in your personal search to seek and find the desires of your heart.

You may never play and win a Super Bowl my friend,  but you can be a winner every day of your life if you desire to be!