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When you listen to people and are willing to be open to God’s leading,  He opens doors that would never be open otherwise.

This week I have been extremely busy, but not too busy to listen to God and obey his prompting. Let me share a few of these opportunities with you.

I was very busy and walking through our foyer to go take care of some business at the volunteer desk, when someone called my name. They introduced me to a man and he said that he wanted to go somewhere and talk, privately. I took him to the prayer room and he began to tell me his story. He had a heat stroke this summer and was still suffering from the results of it. He had been to all the doctors and was at the end of his rope, and just needed to have God heal him. Pastor Rick and I prayed with him. We are looking forward to and believing for his testimony of healing.

Yeah God!

This week one of my employees relatives had to have had to have heart surgery. I was bold at God’s leading and asked her if I could pray for her family. I did and she was grateful. That was the first opportunity to share God with her, and I thought that door was shut.

Thankyou God!

Today I got a call from a lady whom I have had contact with on 2 or 3 occasions. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner, but her husband had surgery. I was prompted to ask if he was ok, and then found out that he had brain surgery and was fighting an infection. I asked to pray with her and she said yes. After praying for her she tearfully said she really needed that today.

Thanks again God!

Remember that God is looking for willing vessels and he wants to use us. We need to listen for his Holy Spirit and be obedient to his leading.