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Are you a salesperson? I remember when I used to do in-home demonstrations and in order to process a credit card I had to hand write the information then go to the office the next day and process it. Too often it was denied and then I had to contact the customer and ask for another form of payment. It would have been really nice to process it on the spot!

NOW I CAN! I found Square Register, a mobile app that allows me to process transactions as a cash sale, credit or debit sale, and it even will figure sales taxes.

I was able to go in and set up my business informaton with name and contact informaton and then enter all my products with prices and tax rates.

At each sale I just entered the amount, checked either cash, credit, or debit and processed it. I am even able to give a receipt to the client by e-mail. When I ran a debit card they are required to sign on my phone and then enter their email address in order to recieve the recept. At the end of the day I just looked at my transactions and I was able to calculate the amount of my sales for the day, on my phone. When I got home I pulled it up on the computer and went into my account and it even has a reporting feature that shows each sale, what was sold, how many sales were cash, credit, or debit, amount of sales tax collected, and even trends.

It is so cool.

They have 2 payment options. I chose the flat 2.75% of the sale, but If I had more volume then they have a fee for the year.

I encourage everyone to check this out!