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KBJ Tips

Well here it is Sunday evening for me and as I write this week’s KBJ tip, I thought I would see if any of you begin to ponder how the week is going to go the night before it starts?  Now I think this could be a positive or negative process depending on how excited you are about your working arrangement.  From my observation however, I fear I would have to conclude that most people dread the start of the week by stressing out the night before.  I hope that isn’t you but if it is I thought I would send you an encouragement for this weekly tip in hopes you were looking for an answer how to get past the negative and look forward to the work week not matter what it brings.

Let me start with a little Bible quiz for you.  The answers will seem pretty strange or even odd how they work out even if you’re not a religious person.  So here we go!

What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?     Answer: Psalms 117

What is the longest chapter in the Bible?      Answer: Psalms 119

What chapter is in the center of the Bible?   Answer: Psalms 118

Fact: There are 594 chapters before Psalms 118

Fact: There are 594 chapters after Psalms 118

Add the numbers 594 up and you get 1188

What is the center verse in the Bible?                       Answer: Psalms 118:8

Does this verse say something significant about God’s perfect will for our lives?  It also may be a good hint on how to start off your Monday work week!

Psalms 118:8 “It is better to take refuge in Jehovah than to trust in man”.

So as you start out your work week and wonder what is in store for you, instead of worrying about man’s plans for you, find your Divine plan in the center of the Word and rejoice!

Now isn’t that odd how these numbers worked out (or was God in the center of it to begin with)?

Go out and make it a GREAT week!

Blessings   Rich Forster   KBJ  Publisher


Small Business Saturday


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Since Kingdom Business Journal is all about small business, I thought it would be fitting to go and support small businesses today on Small Business Saturday.

I decided to mix it up and get a good variety for my visits today.  I visited a friend’s shop on the mall, a family owned franchise hardware store, a reconditioned furniture and decor booth at a flea market, a main street shop, and finally a new restaurant I wanted to learn more about.

Here we go!

Welcome to Accessory Girl owned by my friends Stacey and Celesta Dennen.

What a beautiful shop they have in a strategic location just inside the main entrance of Northpark Mall at the corner of the main corridor.  Celesta is a master of picking a great variety of handbags, jewelry, and accessories.  She has a lot of what I consider, “bling bling” items as well as a selection of country girl accessories.

She had some great hand crafted items such as a selection of candles and hand crafted potpourri to choose from.

Make sure you stop by and see Celesta and find something special.

Northpark Mall 101 N. Rangeline Suite 126    Joplin, Missouri 64801



Next, furniture!

Tracey and Scherry Talbott  have created some awesome pieces.  This is a picture of the booth they have at Rangeline Antique Mall in Webb City, Mo.

I think this table is incredible.  This was a plain oak table that Tracey restored and refinished.

This is a corner shelf made out of an old door that Tracey cut in  half.  Awesome!

Even down to the very unique and artistic labels, it is all first class.

Make sure you stop by their booth (P11).  It is always changing.

3421 N Range Line Rd

(417) 782-7505

Call Tracey at 660-227-9570 if you are looking for something special.

Next, the hardware store!

Welcome to Henkle’s ACE Hardware.  Henkle’s Ace Hardware is a local family-owned member of the Ace Hardware cooperative of stores.

John and Cris Henkle – Owners

John Henkle grew up in his dad’s homecenter, Grand Country Homeworks in Grove.  John and Cris had a Ace Hardware store in  Zapata, Texas, but wanted to get closer to family, so they sold their store and opened in Webb City.

This is such a cool store.  My grandparents had a local grocery store, and it always felt like you were shopping with family. Henkle’s has that hometown hardware feel.  I was greeted by one of the clerks with a smile, and there was someone always around willing to help when I needed help.

The store was very clean, well-organized, and they had a great selection.  They have many things that the big box stores can’t or won’t carry.  I needed an item that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else, and they ordered it for me.

Henkles is a great small business in Webb City.

1201 S. Madison Street Webb City, Mo 417-673-2112

Visit their website    or Find them on Facebook

Let’s go to downtown Joplin

Jane Richart is my friend and owner of Upstairs Boutique.

Upstairs Boutique began in the fall of 1995 as a small gift store above Frye & Gray Furniture in Joplin, MO. with only 750 sq. ft. After just one year, the vision for the business expanded and that small space was outgrown. Today…we’re celebrating our 15th year in business and our 14th year located in the heart of Downtown Joplin’s Historic Sunshine
Lamp District in our 5000 sq. ft. location.

Jane, her husband Bob, and Jane’s son Kent are wonderful people.

Jane has big sales every year after Thanksgiving and it is a great time to get stocking stuffers for the ladies on my list.

She had leg warmers, watches, scarves, and jewelry on sale today.  Lots of goodies!

One thing I love about Jane’s store is how nice it always looks, she had Christmas music playing, and it smelt great.

All decked out and ready for the Christmas shoppers.

And the best part…..


Come see Jane and her crew for that special lady on your list.

Upstairs Boutique
502 S. Main Street
Joplin, MO 64801

Website    Facebook

Now let talk about food!

Welcome to Mohaska Farmhouse.  Owners Jamey Smith and Eric Dicharry opened in June this year.

I spoke with Jamey today.  He started his bakery business in a converted garage.  He sold breads at the farmers markets in Webb City and Neosho, and they had a portable concession food trailer they went to special events with for the last 5 years.

Jamey and Eric built this wood fired oven that they make all their pizza and bread in.

Jamey told me they make over 30 kinds of bread, just not all at one time.

Mohaska Farmhouse makes all of their menu items from scratch using high quality cheese and local bacon and sausage.  They utilize locally grown and organic products when available.  Their breads are hand-crafted with organic flours, sea salt, and water.

They have a full menu and even have live music on the weekend.

I brought home a loaf of 100% whole wheat bread.  I am going to toast it and put some of Laura’s homemade preserves on it for breakfast.

Go and try Mohaska Farmhouse today!

1821 South Main Joplin, Mo

417-206-FIRE (3473)


Remember to shop local small business.

Having a bad day?


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Whether you’re a business owner, manager or occupational worker, we all have days when our problems are overwhelming.  Our perception becomes the mental dictator of our world.   Often and sometimes suddenly, circumstances make us feel like we are in a hopeless situation or at the very least, and unfair and stressful one.  Fear sets its ugly head in our thought waves.  Sure it’s a lie but that’s often what goes across our mind in that situation.  Here is another one.  You start your morning off with a big, fat argument with your mate or child. Anger results and builds as you leave the house.  Here we go.  That mindset transfers to the workplace and before you know it, you’re in the middle of an issue with someone else at work.  Is there no end to this day’s hassels?  Then to top it off, your job performance was lacking.  In fact, you failed again.  You are always the failure you thought you would be.  You can’t do anything right.  Holy Moley! Fear, Anger and Self Guilt have struck their mark.

When I travel the country and talk to hundreds of business owners and employees, the emotions of a typical day can have a drastic effect on everything you do that day.  The end result is that you become so pre-occupied with those emotional feelings your mind has a pinball machine effect towards handling the situations.  You are looking east and going west.  Confusion reigns.  Ah, success for the devil.  He loves it when we are in this state of confusion because your senses go down the tubes along with your productivity and a handful of your other desirable virtues.  Worse yet is the reality that God may have had a plan for only you that day to minister to someone in great need that He equipped you for.  How can you minister in that state of mind?

Don’t feel like this description just fits you.  I’m not trying to read your mail but.  It fits everyone reading this blog most likely, yours truly included.  Ok, here is the lesson for today.  For us believers the answer is a breath of fresh air and a blessed assurance.  The answer is Jesus of course but…also you have the mind of Christ Paul said.  You are and over comer. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. No weapon formed against you shall prosper.  He has borne all your dieses and iniquities.  You are a child of the living God.  Your sins were placed on Jesus back at the cross and your salvation was made.  Your name is in the Lambs book.  Without faith it is impossible to please God.  You can do all things through Christ Jesus.  OK, I can go on and on.  There are over 8000 promises in the bible for us and I only know a handful.  How about you?  Have you studies them lately?

You must get control of those three emotions, fear, andger and low self esteem so you can think clearly and correctly.  Know who you are in Christ and believe it, that’s the key.  So for this week, let’s do these two things.  First, recognize if your emotions are getting out of hand and confusion is setting in and get control by remembering God didn’t give you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. You must have a clear mind to think and hear the Spirit of the Lord.  Second; Get into your bible and find 3 promises each day God has given you and take possession of them.  Speak them, believe for them and settle for nothing less.  They are truth and the truth WILL SET YOU FREE!

Then you can focus on your purpose, your family needs and your career obligation and handle them as Jesus would.  I have faith in you.  Do you?

Blessings……….Rich Forster  KBJ  Publisher

Heat Stroke, Heart Surgery, and Brain Surgery


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When you listen to people and are willing to be open to God’s leading,  He opens doors that would never be open otherwise.

This week I have been extremely busy, but not too busy to listen to God and obey his prompting. Let me share a few of these opportunities with you.

I was very busy and walking through our foyer to go take care of some business at the volunteer desk, when someone called my name. They introduced me to a man and he said that he wanted to go somewhere and talk, privately. I took him to the prayer room and he began to tell me his story. He had a heat stroke this summer and was still suffering from the results of it. He had been to all the doctors and was at the end of his rope, and just needed to have God heal him. Pastor Rick and I prayed with him. We are looking forward to and believing for his testimony of healing.

Yeah God!

This week one of my employees relatives had to have had to have heart surgery. I was bold at God’s leading and asked her if I could pray for her family. I did and she was grateful. That was the first opportunity to share God with her, and I thought that door was shut.

Thankyou God!

Today I got a call from a lady whom I have had contact with on 2 or 3 occasions. She apologized for not getting back to me sooner, but her husband had surgery. I was prompted to ask if he was ok, and then found out that he had brain surgery and was fighting an infection. I asked to pray with her and she said yes. After praying for her she tearfully said she really needed that today.

Thanks again God!

Remember that God is looking for willing vessels and he wants to use us. We need to listen for his Holy Spirit and be obedient to his leading.

Just Say YES


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I believe that we should JUST SAY YES, to God!

When we take a step of faith and say YES to God, he will bless you and will allow great things to happen.   When we say NO or But God, we close doors and opportunities and we may never know the impact of what could have been.

John Chapter 11: 25-26

“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me
will live, even though he dies; 26and whoever lives and
believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

27“Yes, Lord,” she told
him, “I believe that you are the Christ,b the Son of God, who was to come into the

She had FAITH, just as we need to have FAITH.  I have seen God move in unbelievable ways and do unbelievable things, but it is because I said YES.

Be blessed!


It was that time of year again for the annual NFL Football Super Bowl last night and as happens to me each year watching the game, a number of performance principles needed to not just be victorious but to even compete at this professional level came to me to share with you today.

The parallel comparisons of professional sports to business are such a clear example of the value of pursuing excellence to be successful.  There are many examples I could share that have mutual application to sports and business but today I would like to submit a basic list of 10 characteristic for peak performers for you just to consider this week and see how you rate yourself as a peak performer in your profession and workplace.

Peak Performer;

1.Accepts full responsibility

2.Not paralyzed by failure

3.Has clear and lofty goals

4.Has high level of self-esteem

5.Does the little things that count

6.Looks for solutions; not blame

7.Life long learners


9.Let’s go of the past

10.Lives a balanced life

A challenging list it is to say the least but not impossible.  If it were easy, anyone could do it. That is why the number of successful, professional athletes is relatively few.  The question is, could there be more athletes at that level?  Much of their success lies within their heart.  That desire to be the best you can possibly be is daunting to many of us and the fear of failure looms ever present in our carnal minds. Every day is a challenge and sometimes it is just too much work.

May I suggest you self analyze where you rate yourself with this list above and if you come to one principle that you acknowledge you are weak in, research how you can learn more about being successful in that area of your life.  If you feel you are doing pretty well in another, rejoice and take heart. You will find that enlightenment and improvement in these areas of life and work will not only positively affect your business life but will help you in your personal search to seek and find the desires of your heart.

You may never play and win a Super Bowl my friend,  but you can be a winner every day of your life if you desire to be!

Just Listen


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This morning as I sit here there are 9 people sleeping in our home. They are disaster relief workers for the Joplin Tornado. They are all from out of the area, the closest about 1 hour away.

We had one of the worst disasters in over 60 years, but I am seeing so much good. People from all over the country are coming to the aid of these victims. Churches are turning into disaster relief command centers. Truck loads of supplies are everywhere and the town is wall to wall people.

I have had the chance to visit with victims and the main thing they need is a ear to listen to there story. You know it is much like life. People go through disasters every day and sometimes the best thing you can do is just listen, care, and pray for them.

Please join us to pray for the victims of this storm and the workers that are helping.



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Are you a networker?

Do you do social networking? Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahooo groups??


Do you attend your local BNI group? I visited a group this week and there were over 70 people there. It is an awesome group. They only allow one type of business per group. Each person in the group then works as a referrer for your business. It is a great group and this year they have generated over 3 million in sales for there group.

Networking is a very powerful form of word of mouth advertising. If you are not doing it, check out some of the these ideas.


Identify, equip, and release


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I had a pastor who was a great evangelist, and was very good at getting folks saved. He trained the rest of the body to deciple the flock by Indifying peoples gifts and talents.   The next step was to  equip them to use those gifts and talents.  Then the final step was to releas them to use their gifts for the Kingdom. It is a very simple concept, but very effective.

Now, in business, it is a different story. There are many folks out there doing work that they either are not equiped for or have absolutely no interest in.

How are you at dicipling your employees?

Have you taken the time to Identify there gifts and talents?

Have you created an atmosphere to equip your employees to use there gifts and talents?

Have you released your employees to do what they are gifted and talented at?

I once heard of a business man who did this. He took each one of his employees and had them take a test that identified there gifts and talents. He then interviewed them and discussed the results. He ended up reorganizing the whole company and almost everyone took on new responsibilties. They now function at peak performance because people are using there gifts and talents and LOVE their work.

Just a thought!